Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership Real Estate is the fastest growing sector in the resort property industry.

Sharing the purchase price, cost of maintenance, upkeep and furnishings
simply makes sense. But the real benefit of this vacation property is that someone else does the work so you can use it for vacationing, not obligated family work parties.

Fractional ownership gives you outright title to your share of a fully furnished condo (including your share of all the furnishings, appliances, etc), plus a share of the resort’s common holdings.

Deed and title……. bricks and mortar.

At Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort, we offer a variety of ownership options…

  • 1/8 Snowbird Sold Out! – Either the first or second 6 weeks of the year, every year.  Perfect for taking a break from a Prairie winter.
  • 1/4 Snowbird Sold Out! – All of January, February and March every year to golf, fish, explore and relax. Invite friends and family to join you!
  • 1/8th Share Ownership – 6 weeks per year that rotate fairly through the 8 owners.
  • 1/4 Share Ownership – 12 weeks per year that rotate fairly through 4 owners in 1 or 2 week increments.

Some have young families and use their summer every year either here on the beach in Parksville, or around the world through Interval International exchange program. Some have grown children and take regular vacations with them and their grandchildren and/or treat themselves to some well deserved vacation time of their own.  Some like to vacation with friends.  Some owners have given a week or two of vacation time as a wedding or anniversary gift.

Ownership means you decide, year after year, what to do with your vacation time. And when your vacationing days are over, you can pass your ownership to heirs.  A legacy of past and future memories is worth far more than the actual value of the property.

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