Pool Construction


Randy Trapp, Developer, and Tom Brooks, the Project Manager completing the initial layout for the new pool back in February of 2013.
The excavator arrived on site March 25 and began doing some initial site preparation.  Tom Brooks, our project manager, expects to be finished by July 1 if all goes well.
World champion logger Wade Stewart arrived on March 27 to remove two large trees. Some of our owners gained an improved ocean view as a result!  Here’s a picture of Wade taking down a tree on our property and a video of him in competition
The Administration Building on the waterfront was designed to become our Fitness Centre and will be moved to the pool area and placed on the foundation being poured as I write this.  It will face the pool and have indoor and outdoor showers along with some basic equipment.
Here’s where it’s new home will be…..The foundation has been poured (April 10) and after it’s been backfilled, the building will be moved and placed on the foundation.  This is scheduled for April 26.
With the foundation in place, the Administration Building on the waterfront had to be moved across the property and placed precisely on the foundation.  This was done right on schedule on April 19 and went without a hitch.

The next project is the excavation for the pool which should be next week, followed by the pool installation itself.

There’s much to do after the actual pool is in including the deck, fencing, lights, etc.

Things are moving right along!  The hole that’s being dug here on April 23, 2013 will be filled with a new pool sometime during the next couple of weeks.  There will still be a substantial amount of work done before our first swim.  The deck has to be poured, fencing and lights installed, etc.  We’re pleased with the progress being made and word of the construction has resulted in a number of visitors to the resort.

Framing for the pool began April 29 and is progressing quickly with the potential for concrete by the end of the week.

Here’s a view from the balcony of #127 on April 30.

If the weather co-operates they will be pouring within a week.

  The pool coating was applied on July 3 and water the filling began the next day.


Early on the morning of June 6 the crew arrived to pour the pool deck with the threat of rain.  You can see a couple of the light columns in the foreground with stonework that matches the existing buildings.  Due to the cold, wet April we had here, the July 1 pool opening didn’t work.  With the required inspections we should be looking at the end of July.